Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 26

The Cost of Comfort is Too Much


The newly expanded BP Whiting Refinery, thanks to recent updates is responsible for refining 413,000 barrels of tar sands per day. On Monday, March 24th, the BP Refinery, spewed tar sands into Lake Michigan. A Whiting resident was travelling down 129th St near Indianapolis Blvd on Sunday March 23rd when she spotted a massive plume …

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Mar 22

Enbridge’s Legacy


Today we lift up the message shared by brothers and sisters who dropped this banner near the Kalamazoo River in solidarity with the people and creatures living near Line 9 and all people resisting harsh extraction. We all share a common duty to peacefully resist the extraction and exploitation of the life giving systems around …

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Mar 21

Line 9 Solidarity Action

photo 2

Yesterday, Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands partnered with the Kalamazoo Peace Center and Students for Sustainable Earth of Western Michigan University. We demonstrated downtown Kalamazoo against colonialism, Line 9, tar sands and  climate change denier Fred Upton. This rally was held in solidarity with all of the people and creatures who will endure destruction due …

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Mar 06

Tackling the Leviathans of Destruction & Oppression

Audre Lord !

Lisa,  Barbara and Vicci have been sentenced!  Now that they have been released from their cells we can be together to hug, cry, dance, and reflect. Furthermore, our movement can move forward and refocus our attention on the destruction of ecosystems  and communities as a result of harsh energy extraction and transportation in the great …

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Mar 05

All Out Now!


Lisa Leggio, Barbara Carter & Vicci Hamlin have been nominated for the 2014 Peoples’ Choice Human Rights’ Award! You can vote for them here

Mar 05

MI-CATS 3 Sentenced to Time Served & 13 Months Probation


UPDATE 5:30PM: After paying a bond for Lisa, all cats are released! UPDATE 4PM: Lisa was not released, and is currently be extradited to another Michigan County. More updates as soon as we know. In the meantime please donate to help with legal costs and appeals. Following over a month inside the Ingham County Jail …

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Mar 03

60,000 Petition Signatures Delivered to Judge Collette on Behalf of MI CATS 3


Two days before MI CATS members Lisa, Barb, and Vicci will face their sentencing hearing, 60,000 petition signatures were printed and delivered to Judge Collette. Michelle, MI CATS member and a member of the community impacted by the 2010 Enbridge spill, delivered them to the courthouse this afternoon. On Wednesday Judge Collette will decide what …

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Mar 02

Three days before Sentencing, Thousands in Solidarity with Mi-CATS 3 March against KXL

Thanks to Jenna Pope for the photo.

Today, in Washington, thousands of climate conscious students and concerned folks marched in the streets of Washington DC to send a message to President Obama: “Hell no to the Keystone XL.” This morning participants started at Georgetown University, where Obama gave a speech there, promising that he would only approve the KXL if it served the …

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