Jan 20

8 Ways to Support MI CATS Felony Trial

This summer the MI CATS took non-violent direct action against tar sands infrastructure by peacefully locking down to construction equipment and halting work for a day at an Enbridge construction site on the expansion of Line 6B. This is the same pipeline that spilled over a million gallons of tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River, which Enbridge has failed to clean up almost 4 yrs after.

Now 3 of our friends from across MI and IN are going to trial one week from today on Monday January 27th and are facing 2-3 years in prison for felony charges of obstructing and resisting arrest. These peaceful acts of direct democracy challenging unjust systems should be lifted up, not punished with outrageous felony charges. We need your support to not let our “justice system” fail the people it’s supposed to protect by putting the profit of a corporation above the welfare of people.

We know everyone is busy so we wanted to give you a variety of ways that you can support these folks and be a part of this struggle with us.


  • Write a 300 word LTE to your local newspaper in support of these community defenders! Then email us at micats@riseup.net to let us know!


With your help we will have a large number of folks present with us at 7AM before the jurors arrive early in the morning at 8AM, and throughout the trial that will likely go on all day and into the week. We will be respectfully and silently holding signs outside the courthouse and street canvassing/passing out info at key points around the courthouse. Barb asked us to remind those coming that this will NOT be a protest and we are asking everyone to dress nice and be respectful inside the courthouse.

Where: 341 S. Jefferson Street, Mason, MI 48854

When: We are meeting near the courthouse steps at 7AM (details to come)

  • Come to the Art Build in Detroit this Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:00pm at Anchor Bar

We will be making signs and banners that folks can hold silently standing outside the courthouse in Mason, MI and at various points leading up to the courthouse to educate jurors on their power of jury nullification(Finding folks not guilty because the defendants had the moral obligation to break an unjust law or the law does not apply to this case).

Where: Anchor Bar, 450 W Fort St. Detroit, MI 48226

When: January 22nd from 6:00pm-8:00pm

We can’t thank you enough for any support or positive energy you can share with us. We’ll be following up with many of you by phone to see if you’re able to plug in anywhere.

Please email micats@riseup.net with any questions.




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