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Who Are We?

The Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI CATS) seeks to unite people towards a common goal of stopping all transportation and refining of tar sands oil in the Great Lakes Basin and advocating against the production/transportation of tar sands everywhere.

We hope to put together a broad and diverse coalition of people who are ready to take action.  We welcome anyone who feels aligned with our goals to join in an effort to unite the many individuals and groups already working around this issue so that we may take more serious and impactful actions together.


Stop the transportation and refining of tar sands oil in “Michigan,” as well as advocate for the end of all tar sands production which causes so much harm to our friends and wildlife in Canada and on First Nation lands.

Spread awareness of Enbridge’s Midwest pipeline plans to a local and national audience in order to elevate this issue to a spot of national concern and priority and add strength to the argument for an overarching need to restrict fossil fuel companies’ ability to pollute freely and damage our environment

Expose and reject the political power that oil and gas corporations, like Enbridge, use to corrupt democratic, legal, and regulatory systems to gain access to our natural resources with great harm to the public.

Build a diverse and inclusive coalition of people that can work together to harness and demonstrate collective power while supporting everyone in voicing their perspectives on decisions impacting their well being.

Be intentional about connecting with folks across the globe fighting against ecologically and socially exploitative and destructive practices that put profit and power before people and planet. We aim to amplify our collective voice to expand the movement of movements for a thriving, socially just, and sustainable planet.


–Education and grassroots organizing
–Direct action
–Support legal action