Jul 12

Action Camp!

We’re so excited for our action camp next weekend!  

We’ve got lots of great trainings lined up, from security culture to direct action and blockading.  On Saturday night, we’ll even be having a great discussion with a few affected landowners!  Get excited!

If you want to get in on the fun, make sure you register here now!

The MI CATS Action Camp will be free of charge, but we ask that if you’re able, you consider making a donation to the MI CATS Fund.

We will be providing food for the weekend and will do our best to be mindful of different dietary needs.  There will be food for both omnivores and herbivores.

Finally, in order to create a safe environment for all, this will be a drug, alcohol, and weapon-free camp.  We want to create a cooperative learning environment in which all feel safe, so we ask that while you’re at camp, you be mindful of the physical, mental, and emotional boundaries of yourself and others.

See you next weekend!

Meow.  It’s that time of year again.  House cats in every home are finding the best and brightest sunshine-filled spots to nap, soaking in the warm summer sun after a long winter of cloud-covered skies.  Agile cats lucky enough to traverse the outdoors are catching mice, stalking birds, and climbing trees, enjoying the beginning of the long summer days that are fast approaching.

In solidarity with all the cats on the continent, the Michigan CATS are also making use of the summer sun.  But we’re not taking naps; we’re on the prowl.  We’re fierce and feisty and we’re building community power and resistance against the Enbridge tar sands pipeline expansion in Michigan.

The Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI CATS) is a new coalition formed in opposition to the expansion and existence of tar sands infrastructure throughout Michigan and the globe.  With two tar sands pipelines running through the state and the giant Marathon refinery in Detroit, we know a lot about the devastation that tar sands infrastructure inevitably brings with it.

You may have heard of the infamous Enbridge Line 6B, the line that spewed tar sands into the Kalamazoo River in 2010.  Currently, the foreign company Enbridge is expanding this very same line to triple its capacity.  This pipeline is a part of Enbridge’s massive tar sands network that extends throughout the midwest to the east coast, which will soon become another hub for shipping this oil overseas.

Sounds like business as usual, right?  Exploitation, oppression, greed, corporate colonization…same story; different place.

Well if there’s one thing cats are good at, it’s being rebellious and stubborn.  The MI CATS certainly are all of that and more, and we’re ready to throw down against Enbridge.  We’re hosting an action camp July 19-22 in southwest Michigan to share skills and tactics that can be used to confront Enbridge head on and halt them in their tracks.  We hope you’ll join us in body or in spirit.  We live in a dynamic and ever-changing world where destruction knows no borders.  Our fight is your fight; your fight is ours.

This summer, we’ll be in the sun, but we won’t be napping.  We hope all you cool cats out there will join us in solidarity, turning your purrs into hisses and roars!

And remember, we have nine lives.  Enbridge: consider yourself warned.

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