Apr 05

MICATS Announces “Bike the Line”, Community Organizing Effort to Shut Down Line 5

We’re excited to announce our summer community organizing effort to help mobilize folks to #ShutDownLine5! We’re organizing a bike trip along the entire route of the Line 5 pipeline, a 750-mile stretch running from Marysville, Michigan to Superior, Wisconsin. It’s broken into two parts, with the Part 1 in the second half of May going from Marysville (near Sarnia) to about Reese (close to Bay City), and Part 2 running from early July to late August, going from Bay City all the way to Superior.

We’ll be hosting organizing community events along the way, and knocking on the doors of folks who live along the pipeline route to connect them with the issues surrounding Line 5. More info is available at biketheline.org. Also be sure to check out the Bike the Line Facebook Page.

There are so many ways you can get involved. You can bike with us for all or any part of the trip you are available to, or if you’re a community member who lives on or near the pipeline route, you can either help host an event along the route or host the riders for a night or two so they can get some rest. Or you can donate to support our work, or just spread the word.


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