May 01

“Redefining Progress” – a Note from Our Jailed Feline Friend

Jessica’s coming out in less than 10 days! When that happens, we welcome you to join us to celebrate her freedom and Mother’s Day!


By Jessica Clark:

To the People of the Colonized World-

I wonder if our great, great, great grandparents knew about the climate disaster we are teetering on the brink of, in the midst of a mass extinction, would they have redefined progress? Would they have rode the remaining revolutionary energy and resisted industrialization? Maybe they would have stopped the white supremacist colonization of North America. Maybe they would have stopped the objectification of the natural world.

Our foreparents had no crystal ball, so we have inherited a bundle of problems. We have been handed systemic oppressions to untangle, even out, and banish. In order to stop carbon emissions it is also necessary to halt tar sands strip mining, transportation, and refinery. Poisoning millions of gallons of fresh water to obtain fracked gas cannot fly. Spewing radioactive chemicals into Lake Michigan and communities everywhere cannot continue. We must stop burdening our children with the management of nuclear waste. We must stop building pipelines that will force future generations to oversee them and deal w/ the inevitable spills. If we allow capitalism to continue it will destroy the Earth and we won’t be able to thrive.

Our world community is resilient and capable of changing! Let us overthrow colonialism and racism. Those among us who’ve long benefited from white/European privilege need to listen better and work to make amends. All people who fit in will need to listen to the oppressed and move to make the world safer. Let us implement restorative justice & get rid of the prison industrial complex. The prison industrial complex cannot continue to lock people up and throw away the key, especially when the policies that dictate this action are rooted in racism, classism, sexism, and colonialism. We need restorative justice for everyone, including the greedy ceos and the rapists. Our society is only as strong as our weakest member, which feels like a forgotten saying when you consider how our society actively tries to make some people weaker.

The thing I feel strongly about, that I have learned from the indigenous peoples whose land we have stolen,

From a recent "video visitation" with Jessica.

A recent “video visitation” with Jessica.

is the necessity of protecting water, to keep it fresh and in the commons. We have a huge amount of work to do, to ensure the Earth our children inherit is better off than the one we have been born into. In order to get there, I truly believe that we must consider all of the ways in which our society is fragmented and exclusionary. If we ever get to a point where we are protecting fresh water, who is it for? We have a long road to go in order to feel safe about the climate, but it will be a lonely road that won’t lead to change at the root cause if we don’t stop to consider how white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy still affect many people on this Earth.

Let us redefine progress.

Love, Jessica

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