May 23

MI CATS Stand with OWS Activist Cecily McMillan!

cecilyThe MI CATS family is heavy hearted and disconcerted at the May 19th decision by a NYC judge to sentence Cecily McMillan to spend 90 days in jail after she was assaulted by a police officer.

Cecily was a labor organizer, student, and OWS activist, at the time of the arrest on March 17th, 2012 when police violently cleared out the Occupy Camp in Zuccotti park in NYC, arresting 70 others. She was assaulted and groped by a police officer and was charged with assaulting an officer for allegedly elbowing an officer in the eye.

This verdict condones police violence and the ever growing police state.


This was another case where it seems the judge influenced the jury by refusing to allow pertinent evidence into the court room. The MI CATS 3 experienced similar challenges in their trial.

Free thinkers are dangerous to the current pillars of power that depend on people to remain in the matrix of comfort. State and police repression against freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are continuing to escalate as people power challenges the unjust balance of power that currently exists.

We understand how difficult it is to make the conscious decision to reject the herd mentality that beckons us to accept what the media and our culture tell us is morality and reality; that authorities and our “justice system” are in place to protect people and keep us safe. This could be one of the main reasons the jury sided with a violent officer instead of the victim of sexual assault. If the average American has to acknowledge that many who are in positions of authority are not serving the interests of people, they would have to question many unexamined assumptions that a majority of people are not yet ready to ask themselves.

A common myth hidden by the slogan “the American Dream” is that if you just do what you’re told and try your hardest, everything will work out as it should. That blind trust woven into the matrix of comfort through consumption has failed multiple generations and caused the erosion of our basic rights. Furthermore, it has perpetuated systematic oppression of people and all species living alongside us. As more and more people awaken from this global nightmare of “growth at all costs” and start to speak out and act out against the injustices plaguing our communities and families, we are met with an iron fist.

Police and other people in positions of authority abusing their power are not the root of the problem. The systems that perpetuate and demand violence and oppression to maintain their stranglehold over the masses are. The reality is our legislative, judicial, and executive branches are serving and maximizing the profit and privilege of a few, at the expense of many.

It’s not a coincidence that no banker or institution was brought to justice for causing the 2007 financial crises. Or that our highest judicial body in the United States decided money is free speech and corporations are people (Citizens United & McCutecheson case) giving the ultra-rich the keys to open the floodgates of unlimited campaign spending to ensure that every shred of democracy is washed away. It’s becoming obvious that our justice and political systems are meant to serve and maintain the current power structures, not benefit common people.

People across the globe, but especially in America are taught to value things over people. We throw away “resources” and we throw away people. It’s time to say fuck that. Let’s end the “War on Drugs” that perpetuates the New Jim Crow. Let’s get to know the names of our neighbors. Let’s turn to one another more than we turn on the TV. When we question everything, and stand up to injustice, we step closer to each other and move closer to a vision of a future where community and the collective is able to thrive.

images (1)Organizing for Power puts it brilliantly, “People power understands that power is a fragile relationship that depends on the compliance of the people. Thus we have the power to alter that relationship at any time. The art of this process is to pull support away from the pillar, which means persuading those people inside that institution/pillar to leave, stop or change their behavior.  This means looking for strategies of mass noncooperation, corporate campaigns, creative direct action and community organizing.”

There will be push-back from those who hold power when we challenge their systems of oppression. When politicians and our government do the bidding of corporations at the expense of we the people, we must continue to expose the strings of the puppet masters and create zones of resilience in our communities that have the power to fight back. There will be state and police violence, and we will rise above it with love and visions for a better way. When the mainstream media calls us radical, we make our own media sharing the truth.

We will overcome the fear and material constraints that keeps us subservient. We will overcome the media and consumerist culture that keeps us competing, blaming, and fighting against each other instead of fighting alongside one another for a way of living and being where everyone and everything can thrive.

We lift up the story of Cecily and stand with all who are unjustly incarcerated, and the masses oppressed and marginalized by the systems that rule over us. Here is to the belief that another world is possible and inevitable.

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