Mar 29

Spring Fundraiser

Happy Spring!

While it may appear that we have been cats living in hibernation, we have been slowly and steadily chipping away to stop the transportation and refinement of tar sands in the Great Lakes region. A lot of our time has been put towards legal battles. We’re appealing the MI CATS 3’s Resisting & Obstructing (R&O) charge to the Michigan Supreme Court. The state has been coming down on “The Whammer” for his social media posts. And, though we can’t say too much just yet, we’ve been collaborating with some folks to put on epic bike tour this summer. Please consider throwing in some of that legal tender to help us continue the work we are doing.

MI CATS Bring R&O to the MI Supreme Court! & More! Direct link: https://www.everribbon.com/micats

MI CATS Bring R&O to the MI Supreme Court! & More!
Direct link: https://www.everribbon.com/micats

First, the MI CATS 3, three brave women who in July 2013 put their bodies on the line to halt construction on Enbridge tar sands pipeline 6B, are using an appeal to challenge the Resisting and Obstructing (R&O) law that was used to get them convicted of felonies. This is important because by using R&O to convict the MI CATS 3 with felonies for their non-violent act of civil disobedience, the State of Michigan is effectively equating a peaceful “no officer, I will not obey your orders to stop blocking the destruction wreaked by this corporation” with violently assaulting an officer. R&O is often used by the racist and classist legal system to bump minor drug or traffic violators up to felonious status. National Lawyers Guild (NLG) lawyers working with MI CATS are taking the Resisting & Obstructing Law to the Michigan Supreme Court! If the MI CATS 3 are acquitted of felony charges, that can no longer be used as leverage over them to continue restitution payments to the company that rebuilt Line 6B!

Additionally, we are supporting Chris Wahmhoff, the notorious 6B pipeline skateboarder. He is accused of violating probation. Among the 3 alleged violations, Chris was charged for exercising his First Amendment rights, when he wrote on his Facebook page that he wanted to ‪#‎ArrestGovSnyder‬ in regards to the Flint Water Crisis. Brazenly, he proclaimed “so when y’all are ready to march in and take his ass across the street I have my torch, I got warm socks. I’m waiting on y’all.”

Finally, we have an exciting, summer long bike ride against the flow of Enbridge Line 5 that we will be launching very soon. There will be many ways to take part, from bicycling with us, to organizing events and hosting riders. Stay tuned! Or, get in touch.


In the Spirit of Liberation,


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