Mar 02

Three days before Sentencing, Thousands in Solidarity with Mi-CATS 3 March against KXL

Today, in Washington, thousands of climate conscious students and concerned folks marched in the streets of Washington DC to send a message to President Obama: “Hell no to the Keystone XL.” This morning participants started at Georgetown University, where Obama gave a speech there, promising that he would only approve the KXL if it served the united states; “And our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward.” President Obama said on June 25th 2013.


Thanks to Jenna Pope for the photo

After deploying a mock oil spill at John Kerry’s house, people arrived at the White House to hear honest and encouraging words from front line communities. An indigenous woman Jasmine Thomas from Klanada spoke about the exploitation of tar sands and the resistance to other pipelines.
Chris the Whammer Scandalous Skateboarder Whamhoff offered empowerment as he spoke about the MI-CATS 3, and their impending sentencing. He also shared about the horrible impact  the Enbridge tar sands oil spill has had on human & animal populations, the river & the ecosystem.

Following the inspirational speeches and another mock oil spill, people handcuffed themselves to the fence of the White House.  Reporters consider this to be the largest youth protest in a generation.

On Wednesday, Lisa Leggio, Barbara Carter and Vicci Hamlin will be sentenced for their act of civil disobedience against Enbridge tar sands pipeline 6B. Please keep writing to them, join us for sentencing if you are able and have them in your thoughts as the sentencing approaches.

Thanks to Jenna Pope for the photo.

Thanks to Jenna Pope for the photo.


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