Feb 03

Legal Update

Hello kitties. Yesterday was a busy day. Dylan and Vicci both had court dates for probation violation for failure to pay restitution. Chris has received a notice for a coming violation hearing.  Here are the updates:

Dylan, who along with Duncan stopped construction on the expansion of Enbridge Line 6B 7n 2014, was released from probation after completing a year. Of the $38,000 for restitution, he paid $30 in total. The restitution is meow a civil matter, he’s no longer at risk of going to jail for not paying restitution. We are very happy that he is free of papers and get can get back to the shenanigans.

Lisa and Vicci in Mason, MI at Vicci's probation violation hearing.

Lisa and Vicci in Mason, MI at Vicci’s probation violation hearing.

Vicci, one of our #micats3 who also halted construction of the same expansion project in 2013, had to go before a judge for resisting restitution for the last 2 years. Not wanting risk losing her 2  jobs and not being able to care for her grandchildren and sick mother, she agreed to pay $40 a month for 6 months and her probation is to continue until March 2018. While the first appeal was denied, she is heading to the Supreme Court for the next appeal. We will keep y’all updated as to when that will take place.

Chris, our skateboarding cat  is headed to court on February 22 @ 1:15pm for 3 counts of probation violation.

  • Count 1: At a restitution hearing held on 6/23/15 it was determined that the defendant owed $4,301.28. A judgement was ordered that the defendant pay $4,301.28 in restitution. The defendant has failed to pay any restitution owed to date.
  • Count 2: On 12/16/14 the defendant was ordered to submit to DNA testing. On 10/23/15 the defendant was given a copy of the DNA order and ordered to submit to testing. The defendant has failed to comply with his DNA testing order.
  • Count 3: On 1/27/16 the defendant displayed threatening behavior on social media (Facebook) when he responded to a posting pertaining to the Governor of Michigan hiring two public relations firm in lieu of hiring to restore the infrastructure to provide clean water for Flint when he stated “so when y’all are ready to march in and take his ass across the street I have my torch, I got warm socks. I’m waiting on y’all.”


Chris's probation violation letter

Chris’s probation violation letter

Phew … I need a cat nap! Just goes to show that what you say CAN and WILL be used against you. Thanks to all of the folks out there for continued support. Looking forward to the warmer weather and seeing many of you again. Keep loving, fighting and resisting!

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