Sep 08

URGENT: Felix Kidnapped By The State!

September 9

UPDATE 1:40PM: Felix is out on bond!

UPDATE 11:00AM: Felix will be bonded out this morning.  We are looking for a lawyer to represent them and desperately need financial support.  Please consider a donation to our legal fund!

September 8

UPDATE 10:05PM: We have heard word that Felix is being charged with a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace and “attempt at assault and battery.”

UPDATE 9:07PM: Felix is being held in Allegan County jail for the night and will be transferred to Cass County jail in the morning.  We expect them to be arraigned Monday at the 4th District Court in Cass County around 3:30PM.

UPDATE 4:43PM: Felix will be arraigned either Monday or Tuesday morning.  Felix is not cooperating with the state and has been refusing to answer questions.

UPDATE 1:45PM: We have heard from a cop that Felix will be transferred to Cass County jail in the morning.

URGENT:  Felix was just taken away by a cop for their brave treesit that blocked Enbridge construction all day on August 7th.

Please DONATE to their legal support fund and help call out the real criminals: Enbridge and the state!creepyarrested

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